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Don't worry, there's a spot for every type entry (except Sci-Fi) in our D-Day theme.

Please read examples in the rules below 

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Attending Vendors & Raffle Supporters

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Braxton Models

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It's a great time of year to bring the Family for a few days at the Beach!


Beachcon 2023

Grand Strand Scale Modelers IPMS would like to thank all those who attended and staffed BeachCon23. The turnout was fantastic and went well beyond expectations. This was our first model contest as a club. So, you can imagine all the things that could go wrong. Our contest next year will be even better. We are taking the lessons learned from this contest and will be applying them as we move forward to future shows
We had over 80 entrants with 417 models on the tables. The work I saw was amazing. Keep on modeling and see you next year.

Rick Reinert


Beachcon 2023-Best of Show.jpg

Best of Show

Honda RC213B by Aaron Thomas

Best of Class Winners

Beachcon 2023-Beat AC.jpg

Best Aircraft

F4U-1 Corsair by Eric Wisdom

Beachcon 2023-Best Ship.jpg

Best Ship

Type IX U-Boat by Tom Wingate

Beachcon 2023-Best Diorama.jpg

Best Diorama

"The Wolf's Den" by Dave Hoernle

Beachcon 2023-Best MV.jpg

Best Military Vehicle

Israeli  Bulldozer by Tony Kelly

Beachcon 2023-Best CV.jpg

Best Civilan Vehicle

Honda RC213B by Aaron Thomas

Beachcon 2023-Best Junior.jpg

Best Junior

1940 Willys by Henry Coonrod

Beachcon 2023-Best Figure.jpg

Best Figure

Korean Admiral by Theresa Horernle

Best Space & SF.jpg

Best Space/SciFi

"Doom Stalker" by Bob Vasile

Full Winners List

Beachcon 2023-Beach Theme Award.jpeg

Marine Corps Theme Award

M2 Rocket Truck by Phillip Hui

Beachcon 2023-Beach Theme Award

Beach Theme Award

"Closed for the Duration" by Greg Garrand

Thankyou to all the Class Head Judges and Category Judges who, despite a low judge turnout, managed to finish up earlier than expected which allowed us to present the awards as scheduled

Mike Fleckenstein

Head Judge


Need more information?

Phil Cavender


Rick Reinert


Beachcon Archive

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